Going Green and Arthritis

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15 responses to “Going Green and Arthritis

  1. Dx’d with R/A at 15. Nearly 60 and going strong. My secret? Exercise. Walk at least 5 miles a week and workout every other day.
    Also, being in a pool is like a zero gravity thing, so swimming is hydrotherapy at it’s best.

    No pills, just good old exercise.

  2. Ally,
    Did you ever get tested for Lyme Disease? I’m suffering from that and RA was once considered. Once I saw the show and that you were suffering from that, I instantly wanted to talk to you about it.. especially seeing the movie link for “Under Our Skin” on your mom’s site. I thought that there was probably some connection somehow. I would love to know if you know about the movie and if you’ve seen it.
    thanks, lisa bevill

  3. Hey Ally!! I Just finished watching the season finally of The Real Housewives of NY. OMG the arthritis fund raiser turned out amazing… Well from what I could see from the TV. LOL. It’s great work what both you and your mom do, creating awareness for youth with arthritis is much needed. I’m 23 years old and I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when I was 3. The doctors pretty much tried everything when I was little to “fix” it. I have been threw gold therapy (shots of liquid gold to settle in joints) and countless splints to keep my hands and legs straight (which I use to hide from my mom cause I hated wearing them). I also was one of the “tests” fore Embril injections, which after taking I eventually came into remission. I just turned 23 in April and I also just under went my first hip replacement (my left was first) and I’m patiently waiting to get my right one replaced in June. I can’t tell you how happy I am to know I will finally know a day with out pain!! I have been blessed with a wonderful doctor and hospital that has also given me full coverage for my total surgery! This is a total blessing. I know I will soon be able to get back to my high speed life of work (at Victoria’s Secret the best place ever), the beach, dancing, and SHOES!! a girl can’t live with out her pumps!! lol and Ally I wish you the best of luck threw your journey.

  4. Dear Jill:

    I was shocked to see coverage of your daughter’s battle with RA. Being a mother of a teenager with an autoimmune disease (scleroderma) I am very aware of the frustration in watching the doctors try to hit a moving target! I hope that you can shed some light on the need for serious research on all autoimmune diseases. I have been diagnosed with RA (6 years ago) and by the time I was diagnosed, my feet were shot and I’m relegated to MBT’s, which are great shoes and the only thing that keeps me walking, but they are very expensive, and it’s not like we can just go buy a pair everytime they come out with a new design. I would gladly suffer through whatever RA sends my way, if we could just give our children the chance they deserve at a pain free and care free life! Please keep the word out there, and good luck with all of your future fund raising activities, they do not go unnoticed! I pray for your daughter and protection for you so that you and your husband can continue your good work!

  5. Hi Jill, Ally & Bobby,
    I think of ALL the Housewives, you handled yourself with the MOST diginity, grace & respect! From one JAP to another, but not to be bias it is a true statement.!!!! Jill, you were always honest, caring, faithful, loving to all your friends. Ramona & Mario behaved like JackAsses, Alex & Simon were true & real, mistakes may have been made but they owed them & made no excuses! Bethenny is Awesome, even w/her little digs :). I hope Creaky Joints soars!! I absolutely think you are DIVINE!! Also your beautiful sister Lisa and your Fabulous mother Gloria, god bless her new column in the Daily Review. Much Love & Respect to All of You!! Maztov!!! Tamar

  6. Oops! I forgot the “L” in Mazltov!! duh!!!!!

  7. My grandmother is crippled with RA and my mother is well on her way. I literally see the damage this disease can inflict everyday and it is heart breaking. The work that you are doing is so important for so many people. Not just those with the disease but also the loved ones that are struggling for a bit of control in an insane world of pain and no cure. From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the victims of RA in my family, I thank you.

  8. Hi Ally,
    I have had RA and MS for 12 years and eventually lost my mom to complications due to RA. I am so happy that you have such a solid family to be supportive for you. Your mom is so incredible. I love her show. You hang in there and keep moving(yoga) is the best. Good luck and enjoy your life. Good luck on your SAT’S!

  9. PS> Forgot to tell you that you looked beautiful in your prom picture!

  10. Hey, Ally! I love this blog, very educational. Just wanted to let you and your fans know about an awesome event coming up in July. It’s called the 2009 National Juvenile Arthritis Conference. It’s an annual event held by the Arthritis Foundation dedicated to educating kids with arthritis, their families, and young adults who were diagnosed with arthritis as children. You can go to the site I posted to see the agenda and other information. I would love to see you there! Anyone who is interested in learning more should feel free to contact me their questions! My name is Amy, I’m the JA Coordinator the Arthritis Foundation, South Texas, my email is awestergren@arthritis.org and my number is 713-942-9063. Thanks! Hope to hear from many of you soon!!

  11. Here’s a link directly to the register brochure/agenda: http://www.arthritis.org/media/JA_Brochure.pdf

  12. hey
    i luv real house wives of NYC!wow but it must b such a pain in the butt sometimes!but im shour u have like a lot of fans off of that,witch is good but if u need a vaction(witch u probely want and need)u should come to hawaii!its awsom!beautiful beaches,unbeatable spas and no worries what so ever.if u do come go on the island of oahu in the city of honolulu.there is the most beautiful hotel on hawaii it is called “the kahala”
    well any way right me back!

  13. Hi – What treatments/Meds have you tried? My daughter, Bailey is almost 5, Diagnosed at 2 1/2 after surgery & 3 day stay in Child. Hosp Birmingham AL – then a long journey since then. She also has Uveitis – This disease has tried to steal her Sight 3 times now & she keeps on fighting it with lots of Remicade IV Treatments (Now 8 Grand a Pop!) If you get time, Please visit her Blog Page: http://thewarrens-baileysmama.blogspot.com/ There is also her 3 minute video on You Tube, that we’ve gotten several good responces from. I just HATE the fact that no matter how much we do here in AL, there are Kids, Babies & Young Women like you who still suffer so needlessly!!!!! What else could I do here? Please let me know of any ideas to Raise awareness & funds for JIA/JRA & Uveitis research to help kids like my Baby!!!!! Thanks so Much!

  14. Need relief from the Purest Copper? Discreet and no green mark on your wrist!


    Let me know your thoughts…



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