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Cousin Jake

Cousin Jake


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  1. Ally its good to see you are posting…I watch you and your mother on The Real Housewives faithfully. I also wanted you to know that I have Rhuemetoid arthritis..and that it was early onset like yours….I am 31 and am trying to handle the pain. I have no isurance and no job right now due to that and other things so its hard to afford the scripts that I can get for the pain. Anyway I just wanted to say that its great to see you there with your mother planning charity events for arthritis. You are a good rold model for the rest of your generation by getting involved. Keep on keeping on chica. And take care….
    Victoria….Lincoln, NE

  2. Did I tell you I love you?

    • Okay, can I just say that it is so nice to see a mom saying this publicly and a daughter not deleting it. Way to go ladies on your relationship!

  3. Congrats on you new blog. I love the ‘warhol’ pix.

  4. Ally congrats on the launch of your Blog…beautiful art!

  5. Deborah Jensen

    Ally–congrats on y our website. The graffiti is very interesting in that you have the Warhol banana but also there’s Keith Haring on the one over it (maybe under it). I was Warhol’s caterer for many years–your Mom would have LOVED him and vice versa. I know you know how lucky you are to have a mom like yours–and I’m sure you see in the footage the basic difference between her and the others..she may be from the 5 towns but SHE is a class act–NONE of the rest of them are no matter how high they have their noses in the air. I’m sure you want to chat here with kids your own age and I’m sure you will but in the meantime just let this old lady (with an extremely hot 27 year old son)give you thumbs up–best of luck in the college torture. xox Deborah

  6. Ally-

    Im writing an essay on the Real Housewives show and was wondering if it would be possible for you to answer a few questions about the experience and how it has changed you. I like your photos very much as well.


  7. Regina Dominguez

    Hi Ally,

    So i watched last season and I saw when you went to the spa and did the ION bath did that work at all I found one and they told me that I would need several sessions do you know if this is true??

  8. Ally:

    You are an amazing young lady! I have four daughter’s: Tina, Brenda, Adrienne and ALLYSON! My youngest spells her name just like you do! 🙂 Anyhow, my daughter’s enjoy tuning into the show, mostly to see what you are up to! You have a very bright future ahead of you, Ally. Keep up the wonderful work you do and we wish you all the best!

  9. hey ally
    jena told me about this site. i am flattered that jake is on it. thanks!
    sorry we didnt make the whole foods teens turning green event. i heard it was really good. hope to see u soon
    love julie

  10. Hey Ally,

    You are SO AWESOME, and thank you so much for updating your fans on whats going on in your life. I love the show, Team Jill and Bethenny forever (:



  12. Alisa Reznikov

    Hi Ally! I found the link from your mom’s blog, so I thought I’d tell you how much I love watching you and your mom interact on the show! You guys are so fun! Good luck with your SATs if you didn’t take them yet, and congrats that they’re done if you already did!

  13. Heyy Ally;

    My name is Madi Mack and I am 15. I have asthma, vocal cord dysfunction, acid reflex, and allergies to countless things. My asthma is out of control because my lungs are larger than they should be and don’t have much elastic recoil so when I start to have an attack, my lungs begin to shut and can’t open themselves back up. Vocal cord dysfunction is where your vocal cords spasm, like a muscle spasm, and do not allow air to pass. When I can’t get air in, I can’t get it out and my asthma starts up. It is extremely painful and the only thing doctors can do for it is relaxation exercises. My acid reflex makes my vocal cords and lungs extremely twitchy. My allergies to things such as: all mold and dust, most bugs, certain trees and grasses, etc. don’t make things any easier.

    My issues have been so out of control over the past 2 years that I am not even able to go to school. We have tried anything and everything. We are so desperate for answers that we went to the National Jewish Hospital for a month. It is in Denver, Colorado and I live in Florida. Haa! I am in and out of the hospital a lot. But I refuse to let it stop me. I am determined to do whatever I can to make sure no one else has to go through this.
    I know that you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and I can’t imagine how difficult that must be. I hope you are doing well. I know that you don’t know me and I only know what I have seen on the show of you so this is going to sound extremely weird, but if you ever need to talk or are feeling down; I’m here. It really isn’t fair that teenagers should have to worry about their health. We are supposed to be having fun, not worrying about what tomorrow will bring.

    I found out yesterday, that I was chosen to be the honorary chair for the O2 green walk near me. It is in 6 months. I am SO excited and want to do as much as I can do help. The more money I can raise, the better. But I would be happy with getting people to realize how serious of a disease asthma is.

    I’m not writing to you for money or anything along those lines, simply for advice. I know you have been extremely involved in charity work. What is the most effective way to make a difference? How can I get people to listen to my story and want to help? Do you have any other advice for me?

    XO, Madi

  14. Diane McKenna

    Hi Ally,

    I just wanted to send you a quick note to ask you if you have ever been tested for Lyme Disease. Or have they ever considered that being what may be behind your arthritis. I have Lyme disease and my arthritis is horrible. I am 36 and when I wake up in the morning I can barely walk! I get so stiff!!! AS soon as I heard you have what they think JA i automatically thought you were too young for that and Lyme mimics all the symptoms of it. I live in GA and fly to New York every 3 months to see a LLMD on the Upper West Side by the name of Dr. Bernard Raxlen. I ask you to please consider this a possibility of an underlying cause of your illness. New York has some of the highest number of cases! I used to live in NJ and they think that was where I got it. I never saw a rash nor the tick!!! So it is a nast secret tiny little bug that can make you extremley sick and if you don’t treat it properly it can stay around for a long time!!!! I have been treating for 2.5 years!!! I just wanted to bring this up b/c everytime I hear onthe show your mom talking about it I can’t help but think that is what the real issue is! Just food for thought!!! God Bless you and keep up the good work! Thanks, Diane

  15. Ally,

    You are such a mature for your age! I am so glad to see you out there being a positive role model for youth. My daughter is 14 and often gets frustrated with all the negative teen role models. Always remember how much your Mom loves you and what a blessing it is to be so close. You take care of yourself! 🙂
    This may sound funny but what do you do with your curly hair, it always looks great…I’ve not had much luck with mine.

  16. Hey Ally,
    My name is Michele i’m 15 and I live in NJ. I watch The Real Housewives constantly. Your family seems so awesome and down to earth. You and your mom have both inspired me to always keep pushing foward. Thanks 🙂

    Michele S

  17. Hey, I’m Ryma, a journalism student who would love to interview you. I write for the Style section of Examiner.com, as well as my school magazine, UnWind. I really enjoy writing articles about stylish young women, who are involved in their community. The interview would focus on fashion, but it would be a great opportunity for you to talk about eco-friendly practices, as well as the work you do to bring awareness to arthritis. I can be reached at rymac@umd.edu. Thanks!

  18. Michelle Zoppina

    Love you on the show. The Best season so far out of all the Real Housewives Seasons. I totally relate to how you view the world. I also enjoy your Mother and her beautiful thoughts on human nature and relationships. She is right on and it is very clear where you get your sense of self and confidence and class from! Have a great holiday weekend and Thank God Summer is almost here!!

  19. Ummmm this isn’t the real Ally. Her last name isn’t Zarin. Bobby is her stepdad.

  20. Yes…she uses both. Her born name and Zarin since many fans don’t realize Bobby is stepdad. Jill Zarin

  21. melissa baldwin

    where can I get “team jill” shirts???

  22. Kelsey Mc Cabe

    Ally…watched a few of the episodes with my mom…I live on Long Island…had my Sweet 16 (Broadway) a few months ago…I’m the city tons because of performing..have lots of friends from LI who also come in to perform…You seem really kind and very “real.” If you’re interested, in meeting a fun group of Long Islanders who laugh alot, don’t do drugs or alcohol…and r always doing something positive..,,u can facebook me or google me…My mom has RA and takes soo much medicine…hope you are feeling well! Take care…ps…the pixs of Memorial Day look so much like Brynn from the 13 Musical!

  23. Margaret Selikoff

    Dear Ally~
    What a marvelous site you have created! Congratulations! I have been enjoying your photographs immensely! You are a lovely young lady, wise beyond your years. I want to commend you on all of your accomplishments and wish you the best. Any College you choose will benefit from your choosing them! keep up all your good work, Ally!
    Best Regards~
    Peg Selikoff

  24. blessedxspirit

    Ally your absolutley beautiful ! I love seeing you on the show, you’re such a positive young lady and would love to see you doing some kind of show for the younger generation to show young girls how to be more active in charitys and lead productive positive lives in such a stressful hard world nowdays, keep on w.your charity work you are an amazing young woman Ally !

  25. Ally,

    You and your family are so classy. Very refreshing. Good luck with your photography! I look forward to seeing more from you.

  26. Ally I just wanted to tell you that you seem like the sweetest girl!! Just from watching Real Housewives of New York, you seem so refined and polite! I hope my daughter turns out to be as great as you seem!! I think you are just a gorgeous girl too 🙂 Mad props to all you’re doing for your community as well….keep up the hard work!

  27. Hi Ally

    My name is Anton Frid and I’m an event photographer here in NYC. I was one of the photographers hired to photo-document this great event for Artrageous / Edwin Gould Charity. I had a pleasure photographing you and your family which I would like to share with you. Please go to the link bellow to see pictures of you, and your entire family


    I cover lots of charities, galas, banquets in and around NYC, so please let me know or keep me in-mind for your own and your moms charity events and other projects.

    I welcome you to view my work at http://www.fridphotography.com

    Regards and keep blogging

    Anton Frid
    Anton Frid Photography

  28. hi ally,
    my names kellianne and i also have Rhuemetoid arthritis. Im 17 and the last time i was at my doctors in NY i was reading an article that said about how you also go to him (Dr. Lehman) For the past year my RA hasnt been under control. I was out of school my whole junior year. Im a senior now and still out hoping to go back soon. I’ve tried every different kind of medicine and nothing seems to help. I was wondering what you are on or do to control yours.

    Kellianne -NJ

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