me and some of my friends went to see the awesome band VICIO last week at Don Hills. Very Fun



9 responses to “VICIO

  1. Looks like fun! What was up with the joggers?

    p.s. You have such pretty eyes!

  2. Whoa! Those are some crazy leotards. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Ally!! ahh I love you! haha you seem extremely down to earth and whenever you were on RH I appreciated your laid-back and friendly attitude.

    And I’m totally not a stalker but I go to Hunter and work on the UES – I’m pretty sure I saw you one day. I wanted to say hey but figured you’d probably think I was crazy.

    anyways, cool blog 🙂

  4. ha pix are fabulous looks like a load of fun!



  5. OMG pole superstar?!? haha that is just too much!

  6. Valley Viscountess

    OMG…such 80’s areobic work out gear. Love it.

    You’re such a doll, love the show; you and your mom are the best.

  7. you have such an amazing life you are soo lucky nice pics btw.I love the UES I go to Hunter and the UES is soo beautiful

  8. the girl with aly on her left and brunette in yellow on her right…well she’s wearing a dress from Forever 21 that costs 20bucks…

    socialite? maybe not….

  9. You are so lucky you’re allowed to go to concerts! Personally, I think you should’ve been on NYC Prep too. I think you’d spice up the show (:

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