Mem Weekend (2)


-Micah Jesse

-Micah Jesse




Look at all of the pics from the weekend in  the gallery….


10 responses to “Mem Weekend (2)

  1. you need like a “back” and “next” arrow to make the photo scrolling easier

  2. Hey Ally! Just wanted to see if I could make you a necklace. I would be such an honor if you would wear one of my pieces. Please check out my shoppe and let me know which one you want!

  3. ally – i just ADORE you : )
    you are a real sweetheart – and just so beautiful –
    it’s nice to have you as a role-model for my 15 year old daughter cranberrie!
    you are so cute with you mom and grandma ! seeing your family is my favorite part of the show!
    oh – and you were one HOTTIE at prom!
    : )
    kisses and cupcakes,

  4. Hi allie just wanted to tell you watching your charity work is terrific my daughter does a lot for the childrens bone marrow and now she is doing her graduation oparty in ny on 6-30 and all her proceeds are going to the cancer society she is sharing her party with our family friend whose father just died of liver cancer she has such a big heart she is doing it just to make him smile again it would be great if you would like to help out if you want more info contact me thanks janine

  5. Gorgeous set up. I love the way you put together the albums!

  6. Hi Ally, Enjoyed your photos. See you soon. Poppy

  7. Hey, Ally! Adorable pictures 🙂 I absolutely love you and your mom! She’s my favorite housewife on the show, haha. You’re going to be a great photographer!


  8. Oops, I put the wrong email address on here… Hah, sorry, I don’t know if it makes a difference or not that I changed it on this one.

  9. Ally,
    I am such a fan of you and your fam! I have grown up in a big Jewish family and your mom and grandma are so similar to mine. You are so gorgeous and I love your cute clothes. You and your friends look like fun. Enjoy your summer girlie!

  10. Ally, you are getting to be absolutely GORGEOUS now. I thought you were a cute ‘girl but now you are stunning. One of my kids has arthiritus since a baby, and he is now 28 with an amazing job and a nice future wife. Thanks for the work you do for other kids. Stay as sweet as you are………….I am sure you will…you mother and grandma are awesome ladies.

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