Desert Places











11 responses to “Desert Places

  1. You have a really good eye!! You should think about compiling all your photos into a book form and sell. I’m sure people would love to see this side of New York City.

  2. LOVE the 3rd one

  3. Loved the photos. That first one is haunting. Looks like such a deep, dark place in NY yet it is filled with so much light and color. That could be a prize winner!

  4. Hi Ally,
    I am also a photographer, and wanted you to know you have a great eye for this.

  5. Amazing photos, you are really talented 🙂

  6. Great photos! You have a great eye for an interesting shot. 🙂

  7. there is a place called 5 points… where i think you will get many other good shots similar to the ones you took.

    its in long island city. ny

  8. forgot to mention i love the photos

  9. Love your photos. Where is this??

  10. Love the pics! especially the 3rd and 8th ones

  11. Hi Ally!

    You have a great eye and take great pics!
    I like the third pic the best and I agree that you might want publish a book of photos…they are that good.
    Best of luck in whatever you do!

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