Spring- Mother’s Day




4 responses to “Spring- Mother’s Day

  1. GORGEOUS pictures, Ally–thanks for sharing them! Who is in the first photo? (Nice hat!)

  2. I think what you’re doing is pretty awesome!! I have had a hard time tryiing to change my families awful habits..I wish i could change my parents habits..:D Love the pic with your grandma Gloria,is that your grandpa?? I dont remember..sorry!!

  3. I love your family picture Ally. What a great time you must have had. Who is the ballerina mime looking person? Was she performing on the street or a nearby theatre?
    How have you been feeling lately? Your charity ” Creaky Joints ” and ” green ” work is awesome. Just don’t over-do on everything, sweet-pea. I sent your mother her make-over magazines, and asked for your autograph also, if you were not busy, and were at the store. I love what Brad did with your bedroom.
    Take care, and will ” talk ” to you soon. Have a wonderful week. Hope your mother is feeling better. Heard she had lost her voice, and was feeling a little rough. Love you guys.
    Vicki H.

  4. LOVE the family photo. Your family is such a breath of fresh air and real loving values in a world so crazy. LOVE your grandmother……and your mother could fit right in with my big family………..she has CLASS that she doesn’t need to announce to everyone, so tht makes it show even more.

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