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I’m so sad to see the show end, but we do have a few more weeks left together.  This past Tuesday I went with my fellow Teens Turning Green member sto Albany to lobby for the Styrofoam Bill.  This bans Styrofoam in schools…it is a mutagen, neurotoxin AND carcinogen…if anyone is interested in lobbying in NY and calling there Senators too, please do so! E-mail me at!!! We got two more CoSponsers for the Bill and have to get a whole lot more Democratic supports so we can pass it this session! That means by June 22.

We had a finale party at Hudson Terrace the same night and it was so much fun…same place the actual finale was.

(check out my “page” about arthritis etc for more links!!)









Press Confrence

Press Conference



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why do we look like we have fake tans?

why do we look like we have fake tans?


Me, Simon, and the lovely Ariel Moses

Me, Simon, and the lovely Ariel Moses



14 responses to “Albany

  1. LOVE the pic of you and Simon — hilarious! You and your mom look great, I am sad to see the season end!

  2. I think the going green cause is amazing, i truly believe in what you’re doing. I’m really glad to see that you’re using your public position for the greater good. You’re a lot younger then me and i hope to be doing some of the same sort of things after graduating college, education and different things we can do to help improve our earth and lives. keep it up, i wish you luck in your continued success!

  3. hey, I saw you on that episode where you mom wanted to have ‘ the talk” you have beautiful eyes.

  4. Karina the Great

    thats awsome that you are trying to help the earth by passing Styrofoam Bill … good luck with everything you try to do.

  5. ally,
    u r such a beautiful girl(inside & out) … hope u know that!! plus u have a great mom!!!

  6. Hey Allyson! I just wanted to say you’re such a cool person! You seem really awesome on the show and you, your mom, and Bobby are my favorite!!! Best of luck to you in the Future! 😀

  7. You and your mother are gorgeous.
    Your passion is amazing.
    Being green is so wonderful, I like it anyway!
    Thank you for using your sources to make the world a better place.
    I adore you and your mom 🙂

  8. Ally you are beautiful!!! and a sweet person.. I love your mom as well. Never change

  9. your mom is amazing. you can totally tell how caring she is just by her hugs she gives… thats a really good picture. something to hold on forever.

    you, bethenny & your mom crack me up. srsly yall are the only reason why i watch RHWNYC… no offense.

  10. I wish I knew that you and your mom would be in Albany!

    xoxo Alexa
    (meow_alexa on twitter)

  11. Great pictures, Love you. Poppy

  12. Ally, I’m guessing that you look like your father, since you really don’t resemble Jill at all. Anyway, you have the best electric blue eyes, creamy skin, and are so cute and tiny. You are adorable in every way. Best of luck.

  13. Ally, you look so beautiful and think that it’s really wonderful being involved in such a fantastic organization with a purpose other than just “girly kids stuff” all the time. Have an 8 year old grandaughter and hope that she lives her life for some purpose other than just worrying about what to wear

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