Happy Earth day everyone!  As an ode to this special day, I went to Housing Works and got the MOST AMAZING rainbow Doc Martens, pics to come. Everyone should go on and get the book “Juvenile Arthritis- The Ultimate Teen Guide” by Kelly Rouba.  My story is featured in it and I learned things about my disease I never knew before…quite interesting

I am so thrilled that has put ANOTHER video of me on their site of being green! Please check it out for everything you need on turning your daily beauty routine Green:

Turning your make up bag Green




12 responses to “EARTH Day

  1. I want to know how you do all this stuff for the arthritis foundation when ur so young! im only 17 and i want to make a foundation for a sickness that i got 2 years ago but i feel like i have no time 😦 let me know how you do it! im VERY curious how you get so involved!

  2. Going green is great! you’re awesome Ally & I think you’re just beautiful!

  3. So this doesn’t really have to do with going green or anything like that. I actually have been trying to write to you for quite some time now. All of my attempts as of yet were unsuccessful. I am not a stalker or anything like that so you can breathe a sigh of relief. I actually wanted to thank both you, and your mother. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 19. I will be turning 24 this month, and to this day , people find it hard to believe that I really do struggle with this disease. It is nice to hear someone not only acknowledge but also speak out about this disease. For so long people ave made fun of, and/or not believed that I have RA. They like to think that I am making it up, becasue there is no way that someone at my age could be going through this. To the contrary, I have to injet myself weekly just to be able to walk. It is nice to know that I am not alone. Kudos to you, and thanks. XOXO T

  4. my dad has Arthritis, is that different form juvenile Arthritis?
    you’re cool.

  5. youre such an awesome girl! and gorgeous!

  6. Hey Ally

    I love housewives, I watch it religiously. I’m moving to New York to attend Parsons in the fall. Any advice you can give me about the city, I’m going to be living on my own!?

  7. Hi my name is Kaitlin (obvi) and I’m a junior in college at a school in Maryland. I’m also apart of Alpha Omicron Pi and our philanthropy is Juvenile Arthritis. My sisters and I follow the show and have seen the great events you and your mother have put on. We do small little things like “Pi in the Face,” where people literally pay to throw pies at out faces to help fund the philanthropy. However, we are looking for help on how to do something even better. Any suggestions please let me know!


  8. Ally…my sis has lupus which first was misdiagnosed as RA, after 11 years is finally in remission. I have a 10 yr old daughter who isn’t allowed too much TV..but I have let her follow your family which has inspired her to start brainstorming fund raising for lupus research!!! In a world where teen pregnancies, underage drinking and out of control drug use are unfortunately ever present, you are a beacon of light for young ladies!! Your parents have every reason to be proud and I wish you and your family the best. You are headed in such a great direction!!!

  9. Ally,
    Can you be more specific as to what organic hair & makeup products you use now?


  10. Hi Ally,
    Your doing a great job with getting the green initiative out. We, at our company, found great tennis shoe recycling by Nike:
    They take all brands & explain the cool process.
    We work with students of all ages and this has been a great way for them to get involved and learn early. They have centers in major cities…
    Great Job!!

  11. I really like using the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetic safety database to make sure that the green products I’m buying really are safe for my skin as well as the environment.

    I think it’s great that more teens are learning about green beauty products and hopefully will be incorporating them into their routines just as you have!

  12. Hey Ally,
    I am facing a diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis now. Watching you on the show and seeing all the good you’re able to do gives me a lot of hope. You’re a really great inspiration! Thanks for being so open on the show about your arthritis. You may not even know, but you’ve touched a lot of people!

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