portrait2thanks for all of your comments! Can you tell me which out of these are your favorites?

BTW, if anyone is interested in buying a photo, please email me!

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18 responses to “Photoshopped

  1. these pictures look great hun =)

  2. I have to say my favorite is of the two dogs on the beach. I like how the one dog is in the foreground, adding interest to that part of the photo.

    The punches of color (green) add an interesting contrast, and the light green (beautiful!) of the water is calming.

    I got into photography a few years ago, and have 2 dslrs and a few lenses. Stay with it, it’s a wonderful hobby, and great for staying “focused”… 🙂

  3. love love love these. especially the second one, with the girl.

    I just can’t get over how good these are 🙂
    keep it up!

  4. ally, love the liquors and wines picture with the guy and girls! super symbolic! why are you so pretty!

  5. I read on your mom’s blog that you were getting interested in photography. What camera do you use? I’m relatively new to photography myself, but if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

    I have a shop with some of my photos if you want to take a look and get ideas for selling your photos. It’s

  6. Hi Ally!
    Your pictures are great! My 3 favs are the one of the dogs on the beach. The sunset/sky photo and the one of Bethenny on the beach because I think you captured her true spirit.
    I enjoy watching the show and think your mom is hilarious. She and Bethenny would be the ones I would most like to just hang out with!
    Keep up the great work!

  7. Happy Earth Day Ally!
    Great blog, it’s always best to do what you love, then it’s not work!!
    In honor of Earth Week, our blog writer posted about “Teens Turning Green” since we work with so many teens across the country! Fab Job!


  8. Just a heads up, you may want to make these photos so you cannot right click over the picture and save them. I could just enlarge them myself , 8 x 10………and have them myself. If you want to sell them make sure they are copyrighted. There is a way you can do it…but I do not know how. GOOD LUCK!

  9. The liquor and roof definitely. I do have to ask if you are working on a mac.

  10. thesse are really great ally! the bottom two are really really good

  11. maybe you should put watermarks over the photos so no one takes them.

  12. Ally, you seem like a really nice girl. You may not believe it but i watch RHoNYC from Provence France. I have a Slingbox hooked up at my daughters house in Virginia. So anyway I need some photgraphs taken of our olive oil. My husband and I own an olive farm and I just can’t take good pictures of our olive oil. And I need some. I just can’t do it and I have spents hours and days trying. It is NOT EASY to take pictures of glass bottles of olive oil, I’m warning you. Our budget is well, there is not a budget since we are a small farm, but I can squeeze out a little tiny bit if you would be interested. Some of our olive oil is in a warehouse in Long Island right now. Milwaukee Magazine sent a journalist and a very expensive Sweedish photographer (who we can’t afford to hire) to do a story on us which you can read about here
    The web version does not have all the pics in the story like the print version. Our olive oil is really great and since 2005 we have won 15 Gold Medals and have been 3 times BEST IN SHOW in olive oil competitions from Paris to Germany to Los Angeles. We are small but we are judged over and over as being one of the top premium olive oils in the world. I would have written to you privately but didn’t see how to do that. If you want a real photography gig with a real paycheck (small check Ally, small check) I w ould use your pics in our website which desperatly needs updating and also in all our promotional material. I don’t know any photographers in NY so when your mom blogged about you being into photograhy I thought I would give you a try.

  13. I wanted to leave a comment in response to Sarah to let you know that even if you can right-click a photo it doesn’t mean you can take it and own it. Every image on the internet is automatically copyrighted by its owner. That is the law. You are not allowed to use it and can be sued for doing so. So Ally is automatically protected. Ally, your images are beautiful! Keep up the good work!

  14. All those pictures are amazing!! I really love the 2nd one!

  15. hey ally what’s up I live in NYC and love to take pictures (like u) haha if you wanna take a look at some of my pictures I took around the city just take a look at my blog and if you wanna email me sometime feel free to am (

  16. my fav is the liqours and wines because it is just that trait of the urban city and diff races how much is that one im extra interested if u can email me at and i’ll tell you my number from there

  17. Ally,
    I see that a few people mentioned watermarks and then one poster mentioned that you don’t have to worry if someone can right-click because you are copyright protected.

    Yes, you are, but: if someone does right -click, they can enlarge the photo, and if they don’t get caught, you will never know.

    I would suggest, as a photographer myself, that you only post your photos in Lo-Resolution, this way, even if someone does right-click, they will not be able to enlarge the photo and have it look good. There will be heavy pixelation and such.

    You seem to know photoshop, so, you can just make a lo-res from one of your high-resolution photos and post them on the internet without worry.

    Best wishes,

  18. love the second one. You can really feel the emotion coming out of the photo and the background is classic. Looks like something that might have been shot in NYC in the 70s or 80s has a classic feel to it. Also am really into the liquor store one. The color contrasts are awesome, the red along the bottom of the wall really pops out. What do you shoot with?
    Emily (Canon Rebel XS Digital SLR)

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