Teen Vogue



why not, Phoebe Miller, I miss youz

(Teen Vogue on next page)


Thanks to the lovely Lauren Eisenberg and Lauren Rae Levy, I am on Teen Vogues site!!!  If you go on TeenVogue.com and go on Day 23 on the countdown you will see it. But here is a PDF:    



GO GREEN!!! Also, check out Traditional Home….My dining room table is on the cover


6 responses to “Teen Vogue

  1. that’s so exciting!

  2. Congrats! That’s really awesome!!

    We need to spread the green-ness everywhere.


  3. Hey Ally,
    Great blog! I really think you and your mom handled the situation with Kelly at the benefit planning meeting so well. I have RA too and it is not “cute!” You are so brave to talk about our condition publicly. You are lovely!

    Stay healthy and take good care!

  4. Tiffany Tangolita

    I sooo love the idea of organically grown flowers! I never thought of that!!
    Thanks for the idea….now what color?


  5. Awesome Pic…I could see this framed and hanging in my house… You come off on the show as a really sweet, genuine person and i wish u all the best in everything you do. Your an inspiration for young women!!!!

  6. Good for you for taking a passion to photography- brace yourself for mean comments but just ignore them. How is your health?

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