so some one wrote me today:

“According to some messages I received on e-mail, some other people had commented on your FB about something being “too personal”… and I was de-friended. (Your mother didn’t think it was too personal to announce that you should never say no to a BJ.)

(….)Why do I care? Because I see stuff on your tv show that leaves the viewers up in the air.”

It was longer than that but thats the good stuff. so here are her answers:

1) My Dad doesn’t live in the city. Β He has a wife and they have three amazing children together, who are my 2 brothers and sisters. Β We are very close and I speak to him every day.

2) His last name is Shapiro, hence my last name. Β I use both, though when concerning the show I use Zarin so it is easier for viewers to figure out which fam I am from.

3) If we don’t talk about something on a REALITY TV SHOW that means it is either not true, not important, don’t want to talk about on NATIONAL T.V, etc….SO anything that does leave you up in the air is for NEXT SEASON, later episodes, too private, OR you go to or my site and ask…most likely we will respond to appropriate questions.

hope that clears stuff up πŸ™‚


19 responses to “Dad

  1. aww ! the picture of you your mom and dad is so cute !! πŸ™‚ Team Jill.

  2. Colaborate. Amalgamate. Pages forty through seven-ate.

  3. hey ally… is there going to be another season ?
    please let me know
    soo cute

  4. Aww that picture is great! Thanks for sharing that. πŸ˜€ Your dad looks like Ray Romano! (from that angle, in the dark) LOL–hides.

  5. The fact that you are so close to your dad is actually a tribute to your mom.

  6. Ally, You do not have to clear up anything for anyone! Do your thing GIRL! πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Ally-
    Great pict of Steve with you and Jill.

  8. Love the show! Jill is my favorite! I go to school in the city and see her often by the store! Your awesome, and so real! : )

  9. thanks for the clarification, ally. i was kinda wondering your story. cute pic! we are big fans of your family on the show. looking forward to reading more from you. i can’t believe how tech-savvy your mom is. πŸ™‚

  10. thanks for the clarification, but don’t apologize for keeping your family sacred. you don’t owe the fans anything. :-*

  11. I just read some some if this. I am so impressed with how Ally addresses some sensitive questions. Wait until you see her on the finale. TEAM ALLYSON!

  12. Norma Reyes-Garcia

    Lol this picture is awesome!! πŸ˜€ Hope you and your mom are ok!!

  13. aww this is soo adorable!
    i USED to be this close with my dad but not so much after my parents got divorced. I love this picture though. It reminds me of how close i was with my dad. =)

  14. Hello young lady, I am a fan of your Mother on RHNY. I’m also a fan of how you’re being raised by Miss Jill (I know, I know, it’s all editing….right? – smile). My son has two dads (in the same house-hold ) and who also aspires to be a photographer (yet he’s 16 and I don’t really know how serious this will be.) I decided on a project of him taking pictures this summer of the beautiful buildings in NYC (he seems to love the idea). How does this sound to you? Am I being encouraging or just corny??
    Love your “demeanor” on the show – props to you mom AND dad!

  15. That’s a darly photo of you Ally! : ) Whatever goes on within a family unit is noone else’s business…some things should purposely be left private, so don’t let pressure get to you. You’re a doll, and you shine! All the best to you Ally : )

  16. Ally, you answered that perfectly! You owe no one anything other than what you share. Being in the public eye I think people are still entitled to their privacy.

    I find now with so many people on these “friendly” sites they forget the things that maybe in their lives that no one else knows of. No one faults them for not sharing. I will still sleep at night if I don’t know everyone elses business.

    So again Kudos to you and you definitely do take after your mom.

  17. I am so proud of you! XOXOXO

  18. awww, such a cute picture ally. I love your mom on the show and she doesn’t look like she aged a bit from this picture. anyways, i’m 5’8 and I always feel like i should wear heels to look slim, so when you left for paris I thought it was so cute how you didn’t want to wear flats. I was the same way until i got there, i wore flats my whole time in paris. Just wanted to let you know that you are adorable and I love watching the show.

  19. I love that picture! It is so clear how much your mom adores you! Thanks for clarifying, I was wondering about your father. Great to hear you have siblings!

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