Me and the lovely Amanda.  We met in Paris. ‘Twas Love at  first sight.










City Lights

City Lights


Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams


5 responses to “AMANDA-VILLE

  1. Hi Ally,
    I love the new blog! I couldn’t help but notice on your mom’s Twitter page that you were in Oberlin last month during spring break. I’m an Oberlin alum who lives in NYC and would be happy to answer any questions you might have or tell you all the reasons why Oberlin is a fabulous place to go to college. Clearly you are into environmental sustainability, and Oberlin has one of the best environmental studies programs in the country. It’s on the top of the “Green Schools” list!
    I’m sure it seemed rather sleepy with no students, but it’s really a thrilling and vibrant place with tons of students from the city. Feel free to shoot me an email ( if you want to hear more! Good luck with all your exciting endeavors.

    -Marty Frazier

  2. ahaha i love that ho

  3. Hey there sweetie! I just love the show & enjoy whenever you and your mom are on together! I am rather impressed by you & the way you are handling yourself. Being a mom myself I know how proud your mom is of you! I was recently diagnosed with arthritis myself so whenever you talk about it on the show of course my ears really do perkup. Man, it is hard isn’t it? But ya know what, and maybe you can tell me how you feel about it, even though it really hurts like the dickens sometimes, getting up and moving around and trying to do everyday things does help. If nothing else it sometimes takes your mind off the pain. And then there are some days that nothing takes your mind off the pain! I am giong back to the doctor tomorrow afternoon for more information and what the plan is for my course of treatment.I am sorta scared and apprehensive and yet anxious to get started on whatever!

  4. STRAGZ!!

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