Teens Turning Green: Project Green Prom

The event was held on Monday, but I would like to post some pics from the AMAZING EVENT.  you can find these on our Flickr page and on guestofaguest.com.  Thank you all so much for the amazing comments!!!  Please keep checking back.  I will post again tonight

My first brown dress was by Bahar Shahpar.  The Second Black look was by Nicole Romano, and the finale dress was by Luca Luca!!



IMG_2197 by Teens Turning Green.

me and the wonderful Bahar Shahpar: eco designer

JRH_7563 by Teens Turning Green.IMG_1968 by Teens Turning Green.IMG_2130 by Teens Turning Green.IMG_1957 by Teens Turning Green. 




IMG_2180 by Teens Turning Green.   


JRH_7791 by Teens Turning Green.   

IMG_2142 by Teens Turning Green.

me and my PHOEBS


JRH_7736 by Teens Turning Green.JRH_7781 by Teens Turning Green.




19 responses to “Teens Turning Green: Project Green Prom

  1. cool pics Ally. That looked like a fun trip

  2. Beautiful pics, you look so happy!

  3. You look gorgeous! The dresses are amazing. It is so wonderful to see you doing such great things. A lot of people your age take it all for granted.

  4. You’re so photogenic, Ally! Love the shot of you and your mom….gorgeous! What fun being able to get all dressed up. 😉

  5. nice pics! looks like a lot of fun! You look good Ally!

  6. Great pics-thanks for sharing!

  7. Cheritie Mahoney

    Love your hair……soooo jealous!!!! Also you pic the perfect dresses they all made you look very youthful.

  8. Ally! So glad to be reading your blog. I know you have so much creative talent! Glad to see you writing! – you know me from twitter laurensmeke

  9. Hey Ally,

    I contacted you on Twitter about this, but I wanted to let you know that I am hosting a charity eco fashion show, Green with Fashion, on April 22nd. I think it is something that might really interest you. There are going to be over 30 eco-conscious designers from all over the country featured in the show.

    I hope we can discuss this some more! You can also find more information at http://greenwithfashion.t83.net

    Thank you!

  10. Great!

  11. Hey Ally!

    I don’t think my last comment posted, so I’m going to try again 😉

    I contacted you on Twitter regarding this, but I am hosting a charity eco fashion show, Green with Fashion, on April 22nd. The show will feature more than 30 eco-conscious designers from across the country.

    For more information, check out the website at http://greenwithfashion.t83.net

    I hope we can talk more about this soon!

  12. Ally-

    I’d love for you to be a mentor to my daughter who would love to turn her school green. If you are interested please let me know. We live in the DC/Annapolis area and are trying to help our community out.

  13. Thanks again for the invite to the fashion show at Whole Foods. You and your friends where great. It’s great seeing Teens Going Green. Next week we will set up your house with all Green Products as promised. Then your school next.

  14. I think its crazy how pretty you are. May seem kinda weird but hey, I can’t tell a lie. lol Keep it up Ally you’re making a difference in the world. I see it in everything you do. Not that I see everything you do, I’m not a weirdo or anything. Talk to you soon.

  15. looking sassyyyy!!!

  16. i saw your bravo spot – I love the rms beauty makeup too. i hope you use it also as it’s my new favorite.

  17. Hi Ally! I just want to let you know that I think you are a very lovely and intelligent young lady. Jill has done a terrific job raising you and by the way ,your mom along with Bethany is my favorite housewife. I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with arthritis at such a young age. However, you are dealing with it like a champ and it is admirable how you are involved with charities which help fight arthritis. I find it to be so selfless and admirable of you to have started the creaky joints foundation. Good luck to you and I wish you all the best. You are a beautiful young lady both on the inside and out. You are also very fortunate to have jill for a mom and bobby for a step-dad. God Bless!

  18. I just love you and your family. I think you’re all fantastic roll models. Keep up the great work!!
    Pam in Dallas,TX

  19. Hi Allyson
    I love you and your mom on the show (she is my favorite hourswife NY) and love, love, love your grandma!!
    You are the most hip “daughter” on the shows… mellow and on top of things. Also you are really beautiful.
    Itis kind of weird the way these women fight…
    it does seem excessive (although there can be many explanations for this…)
    And I’m just wondering… as a green nursery designer who is convinced the world we live in is
    getting TOXIC
    and am a T
    ype I diabetic, my 5-year-old is autistic and my only newphew has a ton of
    health problems.) Just wondering what is your take on it…
    Love your mom but don’t not sure
    why she idn’t discuss breastfeeding issues (maybe still considered too intimate.)
    I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well, but would really love to hear your feedback.
    Another “Nuerotic” mom trying to figure it out

    P.S. You really looked beautiful and so composed at the Creeky Joints charity event! I think mos people would love to acquire your calm.

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